Directions:  Use 1-2 liners a day, Ingredients are active 24 hours after opening.  Use 3 days before and 4 days after menstruation.  Please be aware people sensitive to Silver or pregnant should NOT use this product.



Zimeishu silver-ion gynecological pad is a new healthcare product for preventing the occurrence and recurrence of gynecological inflammations. It is the latest research result by our experts, absorbing the late achievements in the field of physiological anatomy, pharmacology, immunology, microcirculation, reproduction physiology and endocrinology. Taking advantage of high tech medical skill, Zimeishu silver-ion gynecological pad is designed according to the female physiological structure. The pad not only has the obvious function to prevent gynecologic inflammations, but also can improve the resistance of female body without toxicity, allergy and side effect.

This product is applicable in the treatment of gynecological mycotic vulvitis,non-deviant sexual vulvitis,genital itching,genital eczema and the adjuvant treatment of vaginitis,cervicitis ,pelvic inflammaory disease and annexitis ets.It can also prevent gynecological disease and post natal,flow postoperative wound infections,in that case.the disease resistance of female genital multilation can be fully improved.


Silver-ion has three functions:

(A) Restrain the breath of bacteria and virus 

(B) Divide the cell membrane of bacteria

(C) Combine with cells of bacteria and DNA of virus Zimeishu chooses silver-ion as the antimicrobial, which has the good function of killing bacteria without damage to the cellular tissue.


Function of Zimeishu:

1. Quick efficacy, safe and highly reliable 

2. Keep Clean, Convenient and Hygienic

3. Continuous protection and curing

4. Fresh and comfortable 

5. No toxicity and side effect

The Silver Liner