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(Regular Pads) 

Size and : 245mm 

Package : 10pieces/pack 

Usage: In the menstrual period time for Normal flow, Regular absorbency.



SHUYA Sanitary Pads and Pantyliners Feature: 

Soft and comfortable non-woven fiber surface;

3D protects encircles to prevent side leakage; 

Super absorbent core like particles lock in twice the moisture to keep surface dry;

Breathable bottom layer helps eliminate moisture and heat to keep you fresh;

Aluminum foil bag prevent the pads to be affected with damp and  go mouldy;

Non-fluorescent, No Chemical

Daytime Napkin

  • Please keep it in dry place; keep away from sun light, high temperature and humidity area. 

    In case of allergies, please stop using it.